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Hi! I'm Kylie Clay, Welcome to my website!

This is a platform for me to post the story I'm writing/drawing, called Origin!

My narrative is queer, sci-fi, fantasy, and uses feminist epistemologies to guide the story along. I use things like magic and fantasy races to illustrate real-world phenomenon about power dynamics and structural discrimination.


For my feminist praxis project, I am writing a long-term queer sci-fi fantasy creative narrative that specifically analyzes systems of power and tells a story of how to fight against them, using purposeful worldbuilding, insightful character development, and concepts rooted in fantasy and magic to guide the story along. I preface with “long-term” because the full scope of this project is that I have been working on it periodically for it for several years, and I will be continuing to work on it indefinitely even after our class ends.

This is something that I was also working on as a praxis project for a different WGSS class. If you don’t know what praxis means, basically it’s the actual act of making a positive change in the world as a feminist and against oppressive structures. By making change, you are practicing feminism, hence the word “praxis” from feminist practice. In the case of the story I’m writing, my hope is that people who read it will learn new things or expand their understanding of power dynamics in our world.

I find storytelling to be quite a compelling form of praxis, when done so intentionally and correctly. Obviously, this is no easy task, so I am doing my best with the knowledge and skills that I have to bring light, through storytelling, to topics such as colonization, queerness, diversity, intersectionality, and of course, feminist action. Intersectionality is demonstrated, to the best of my ability, through the characters, worldbuilding, and their development. The theory behind this narrative involves anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, feminist epistemologies that move the story forward and drive the characters towards their goals.

I believe that creative writing is an extremely powerful artform. I believe that it has the ability to open up the minds of readers to new ways of thinking, even in ways that are feminist. By creating a story around power, the reader can look to power dynamics in the real world and understand them better and be critical of them. I also believe that one of the best ways to enact change is in the small, unnoticed ways, like influencing the mind of a reader. As someone who reads creative stories, I can vouch for this method.

Now, for my actual story.

The title is called “Origin,” which gets its name from two places:

One relates to the theme of power in the story. In this universe, there is a powerful entity called the “Origin” that is believed to be the center of the universe, and if someone were to come into contact with it, they would essentially be granted ultimate power - the ability to do whatever they want. The one character who does come into contact with the Origin is the main antagonist of the story; the decisions they make based on their proximity to power have direct impact on the entire fictional world (much like those with power in our world).

The other meaning of the title “Origin” relates to identity. I refer to the multitude of diverse fantasy races in my story as “origins.” These include groups of people, some human-like and some non-human, who are able to fly, breathe underwater, teleport, generate fire, etc. The experiences of these groups, based on their attributes, in relation to other groups, is very important to how the story develops.

Here, I am using the concept of magical powers to illustrate differences between groups of people. In this world especially, since people are so different from one another, there’s a lot of discrimination and warmongering and in-groups vs. out-groups. Part of the narrative involves the characters navigating these differences, learning from each other, and eventually working together to take on a greater evil.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy!