a web series

Cat (he/him)


This is Cat, he is a type of origin that can fly that are called Elytrians.

Humans have persecuted Elytrians for centuries. There are methods that allow an Elytrian’s wings to be removed and worn by a human. After centuries of persecution, many wars still rage between humans and Elytrians, with a booming “wings market” alive deep in human societies.

Cat is an Elytrian who grew up on an island that has been at war with the human empire for almost a century. The resulting climate of this island is one that is very war-driven, impoverished, fighting among themselves for resources. Cat joins the island’s military at a young age after his family dies, and because of that he’s eventually able to explore the world outside of his tiny island.

Something Cat struggles with is his own prejudice towards humans. He grew up in an environment where every human he came across was trying to kill him, to suddenly being in places where there are humans who aren’t trying to kill him, but he is still distrusting of them. It takes him a very long time to begin trying to undo his biases after witnessing another Elytrian risk their life for a human.

He also struggles with the idea of strength and living up to his own standards - strong to who? Who or what is he strong for?