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Chapter 1: Sailo Can't Remember Why They're Being Chased By Two Very Ugly, Smelly Giants


What was I doing again?


Sailo woke up with no memory, and they were also being chased by a pair of giants.

It was quite a frustrating situation to be in. They knew enough to understand that it was definitely not fair, as far as waking up in situations goes. What’s worse was that the giants were always able to find them, no matter how far they ran, or hid, or teleported.

They only knew three things about themself:

Their name was Sailo.

They were an Enderian.

Katie was waiting for them in Belladova.

Being an Enderian, they were able to teleport short distances, up to about 100 feet to any surface they have vision of at the moment of teleportation. They knew that there were others in the world like them, they just couldn’t remember the names or faces of any.

Katie was the only person Sailo could remember. They knew that they were friends, and that it was very important that Sailo see her again. It was also the only direction Sailo really had at the moment. They wondered if Katie would be able to tell them something about themself…



Crap. One of the giants had found them. Sailo started to turn away from the giant to plan their escape route, but to their horror…


[Another giant, taller and slimmer but even goofier-looking, makes his way through the forest from the other side of Sailo. They are further away from Sailo than the first giant, but both are closing in on Sailo]

Double crap. The giants had planned this out - they were trying to corner Sailo. Normally, they would just chase Sailo until Sailo managed to get away - this plan of theirs wasn’t anything special, but it was the most evolved thing the pair had come up with so far.

Now, Sailo didn’t have a memory, but they couldn’t dream up anything more ridiculous-looking than these twins. Both had missing teeth, bushy, unkempt hair, and eyes the size of boulders. Their skin was an odd mix of orange and purple hues, but Sailo wasn’t sure if the purple was because of bruising, or if they were just… like that. Otis and Ephialtes was hard to say, so Sailo had decided to refer to them as Oafy and Beefy in their head. Beefy was the shorter of the two, and seemed to be the one mostly giving the orders. Oafy was taller and a bit more menacing physically, but acted more aloof and unfocused.

As the giants approached, Sailo looked for an out. There was a giant on either side of them. To their back was the ocean. Sailo had a chance to get away if they ran straight, away from the ocean, but they really didn’t want to do that. They had been traveling along the ocean for days now. It gave them something to use as a landmark; abandoning it would mean they would have no sense of where they were going. Ahead of them, hills and mountains blooming with trees stretched as far as the eye could see - no sign of civilization anywhere. If Sailo had a chance of finding anyone who could help them, it was more likely that they were going to be along the water.


Too indecisive, the giants had already closed in on Sailo. They stood a couple hundred feet away, well outside of Sailo’s teleportation range. Unfortunately, they weren’t as dumb as they looked.

[Sailo stands on a small hill. As the hill slopes down, the trees become more frequent. Otis and Ephialtes stand on either side of Sailo, a few dozen yards away. The hill puts Sailo at about the height of the giants’ torsos]

“Alrighty now, demigod,” Oafy said, a little out of breath. “We don’t wanna hurt you. We just want to take you hostage.”

“Otis!” Beefy scolded. “They can understand you, you know! You’ll scare them away!”

“Well, we’ve been chasing them for four days straight! It’s not like it’s not obvious to them by now!”

Demigod. Sailo hated that they called them that. As far as Sailo knew, it wasn’t even accurate. Sailo didn’t know what kind of beef the giants had with them, but they were pretty sure it was misplaced.

“Listen, guys,” Sailo said, keeping calm. “You’re after the wrong person. I’m not a demigod. I’m not anything special to be taken hostage. I don’t even know who I am.”

Sailo said the last line with more desperation than they themself expected. They were longing to find any sign of their past ever since they woke up. Four days without any trace of memory, all while being chased by ugly giants really takes a toll on a person’s mental state.

To Sailo’s dismay, Beefy grinned gleefully. “That’s what we were told! Abraxas said you wouldn’t have any memory of yourself - that’s how we know we’re chasing the right one!” He spoke so cheerfully and looked so proud of himself, as if he hadn’t basically just stated, You’re dead wrong, actually! It IS you who we want to murder!

[Otis peers off ahead of Sailo, distracted by something]

“Otis,” Beefy chided. “Whatever you’re being distracted by is not as important as what’s in front of you right now.”

[Ephialtes has not moved, but his eyes are pointed at Otis. Sailo is still scanning their surroundings for a possible escape]

“Well, I could be wrong,” Oafy started, “but there might be an Elytrian washed up on the shore behind you.”

[Both Ephialtes’ and Sailo’s heads snap in the direction Otis is looking]

Ephialtes: “An Elytrian?!”

Sailo, to themself: “Katie?”

[A humanoid creature that appears to have wings lay on the sand, partially in the water. From such a far distance, it is difficult to make out any features of the person.]

[Otis, with his hand positioned above his head, is about to grab Sailo in one quick swipe. Sailo realizes what’s about to happen, even though they are not facing Otis]

[Otis swipes, Sailo teleports away in time]

[Sailo teleports several times rapidly, bringing them to the shore, and begins running towards the Elytrian.]

Oafy wasn’t kidding. There really was an Elytrian washed up on the shore. Elytrians were beings that could fly using the pair of wings on their back. They had dark markings around their eyes, and, usually, pointed ears.

Katie was an Elytrian.

The chances that this Elytrian was actually her were infinitesimal, but Sailo had to check. They felt like their feet were moving by themselves, beyond Sailo’s control. Their mind worked in slow motion, yet didn’t work at all. Please let it be Katie. Please let her be okay.

[Sailo teleports next to the Elytrian and turns them over, slowly.]


Sailo sighs.

Not Katie.

This Elytrian was a dude. He had medium-length red hair and was a lot taller than Katie. He looked terribly hurt; for a moment, Sailo wasn’t even sure he was alive, until he groaned lightly.

[Behind Sailo, Otis and Ephialtes are yelling at each other.]

E: “You let them get away!”

O: “I almost had them!”

E: “Tell me before you do things like that! Why would you try to distract them with something that would also distract me?! I always talk about how much of a fortune we could make if we found an Elytrian with its wings intact!”

Sailo didn’t like the sound of that. They didn’t know this Elytrian, and they certainly didn’t have the ability to play keepaway with him from two giants. It was already hard enough to escape by themself. But still, they couldn’t just leave him. They didn’t like the idea of Oafy and Beefy ‘making a fortune’ off of someone half-dead and defenseless.

O: “What do you mean ‘tell you’?! You just talked about how it can understand me!”

E: “Oh, you know what I mean! Tell me - like, before we find them tell me!”

O: “It’s your fault for getting distracted! Plus, there really is an Elytrian there! At least, I think that’s what it is… wait a second. Where’d it go?”

[Ephialtes turns to the shore. It’s empty - no Sailo or Elytrian]

[Ephialtes turns back to Otis, furious]

“YOU IDIOT! NOW WE’VE LOST BOTH OF THEM!” Ephialtes shrieked.

“Well if you didn’t spend so much time yelling at me maybe this wouldn’t have happened!”

“Oh, so now I’M the problem!”

“Just shut up and look for the damn things!” Otis huffed. “They couldn’t have gone far.”