a web series

Damien (he/him)

There exists a powerful government entity at the center of the world that intentionally creates divides between origin groups, geographically, symbolically, etc. These divides create conflicts between origins or between the empire and other nation-states that the empire is able to profit off of.

I use the group of “humans” as a device to act as the antagonists in the story; naturally, something that the characters have to learn is that not every human can be treated as an antagonist.

The character behind this empire is not pictured here, but his name is Damien. He is a very cunning, calculating, and evil guy who knows what he has to do to get what he wants, things like burning down libraries, dividing groups of people geographically, and building a massive, unstoppable military force that operates entirely under his control. His job is to save the “throne” of the world for someone else by any means necessary, and he knows that in order to ensure that the throne does not get toppled, he must be incredibly controlling of certain groups on the continent.