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Katie (she/her)


This is Katie, she is my favorite character I have written. She is of a certain known as the “Omni,” whose existence has been wiped from history books. For the majority of the story, she actually disguises herself as a different origin (Elytrian) using magic in order to protect herself.

The Omni are able to possess multiple characteristics of other origins. Out of fear that they could pose a threat to humans as a more “powerful” race, a long time ago, the humans went to war with them and banished them to an island in a different dimension (one that is dark and empty and has no sun). The humans feared their ability to potentially unite origins. The Omni expose the lie behind the divide-and-conquer strategy of the human empire, hence why they were banished.

As a child, Katie read stories of the expansive landscape that she never got to experience, of mountains and deserts and oceans and grass and the sun. Eventually, she was able to leave that dimension but not without being persecuted and having to disguise herself. She wants to bring the same freedom that she got a glimpse of to the people and family she left behind.